Liquidity for crypto exchanges

  1. Integrate  Buy/sell orders via API  to your exchange. Buy/sell orders from 84 exchanges 

  2. Deposit BTC to Liquidity pool ( your deposit amount will be your maximum sell order you can sell using Liquidity pool )

  3. Sell BTC via SEPA to your clients

  4. All fiat currencies supported

  5. All coins supported

  6. Example:                                                                                                             1) Client deposits 1000€ to your bank account.                                           2) You receive payment and 1000€ deposit shows on client account.      3) The client buys 1000€ worth of Bitcoin, the Bitcoin price will be locked at the buy moment.                                                                                4) The client will receive Bitcoin and amount of Bitcoin will be deducted from you're a liquidity pool deposit account.                                                  5) You send 1000€ to liquidity pool and Bitcoin amount will be added back to your deposit account with price what was fixes when the client bought Bitcoin.



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PrivateX OÜ operation license FVR000895

Providing services of exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency


Liquidity means that you can connect via API all the buy/sell orders from major exchanges with your exchanges. When users buy Bitcoin from you, you don't have any volatility risk as the price of the Bitcoin will be fixed when the user makes a purchase. Our solution supports all fiat currencies and different coins/tokens. So you can sell Bitcoin for clients with any currency out there. Our liquidity provider is the biggest on the market. 



Standard assets: BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, XLM and BCH

Standard fiat: EUR, USD and JPY

None standards asset Base fee: + 0,08% fee

( any other crypto )

None standard fiat: + 0,12% fee

Integration fee: 800EUR

"My goal is to provide the best liquidity solution to connect all new exchanges into one big pool together all the major exchanges. Our solution supports all the fiat currencies and a total 84 exchanges connected for the same share pool



Mardo Soo

  • CEO


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Phone :    +372 5815 5779

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